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Fish that can only be eaten, is humpback fish, which is one of their dishes

Tuna Saku Original Vietnam

Features of US tuna saku

This is the meat located on the loin of the tuna, the most active part when the fish swim in the ocean, so it is the most red in the meat of the fish. The characteristic of Saku tuna is sweet, fragrant, when eating meat firm, flexible and high lean – suitable for most tastes of customers.
At Nghi Loc, tuna cut Saku is cut into homogeneous, perpendicular mass without skin or bone. When used, you can cut into thin slices easily, evenly and beautifully. Fish is packed and vacuumed, the weight of each fish stick is printed outside the product packaging

Saku-cut tuna is sweet, fragrant, firm, and lean

Saku tuna is a high-class meat that is only available at famous 5-star restaurants or hotels. Most of this meat is used as premium Sashimi, Sushi, Steak …

Pieces of sweet, delicious fresh fish meat are dotted with rich Japanese soy sauce, eaten with a little spicy mustard that will make you remember forever.

Cá ngừ đại dương Sashimi

Saku tuna is used to make Sashimi-Sushi-Steak

No need for an expensive 5-star restaurant or hotel, you can now make your own and enjoy delicious Sashimi, Sushi or Steak at home with Saku-cut tuna,

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