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We would like to introduce that we are Nghi Loc Group. We are a supplier and exporter of Frozen Seafood and Agriculture from Vietnam. With over 30 years of experience and family tradition in the seafood business, we know how to best manage and supply the supply chain from raw material fishing, transportation, freezing, packaging to delivery. products for customers, not only the best quality, but also the lowest cost. After receiving much success in the domestic market. We develop and expand business into international markets. We are pleased that Nghi Loc is developing rapidly not only in Vietnam market but also in the whole world.

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53 Australia La Thi Truong Nhap Khau Tom Lon Nhat Cua Viet Nam
Australia is Vietnam’s largest shrimp import market

In the first 2 months, shrimp export to Australia saw the highest growth of 76.2% to 16.6 million USD. According to statistics of the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), currently 10 main import markets (Vietnam) of Vietnamese shrimp include EU, US, Japan, China, Korea, Australia. , Canada, ASEAN, Taiwan, Switzerland, accounting for […]

57 Gia Tom The Dang Sut Manh Sap Khoi Sac Tro Lai
Prices of white shrimp are plummeting, about to prosper again?

Currently shrimp industry is facing many difficulties, especially vannamei shrimp prices have been falling sharply, especially from the beginning of May until now, but will there be a better return in the coming time? This is the content of interest to many delegates at the Conference “Key solutions for sustainable shrimp development” organized by the […]

Thanh Tra Eu
Conditional import and export aquatic species and breeds

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has just issued Circular No. 04/2015 / TT-BNNPTNT guiding the implementation of some contents of the Government’s Decree No. 187/2013 / ND-CP of November 20, 2013. In which, the list of 10 conditional export species, 16 conditional import aquatic species and 9 environmental treatment and improvement products used […]

Xuat Nhap Khau
Latest import and export regulations

One of the things you can use. Our hardware A part of us, one of different things. Their culture, culture, finance, culture, documents, culture, culture, culture One of our regulations Time is only partial, our part can be used effectively. Our professionals, documents, culture, culture, culture, finance, culture, culture needs Like you, one of your […]

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