• Vietnamese Name: CÁ ĐỔNG
  • Latin name: Nemipterus Virgatus
  • Size (pcs/kg): 50/100, 100/200, 200/300
  • Product by: Nghi Loc Seafoods


Anchovies, also known as Mullet, Sand Dong, Cobia, and Sea Hump, scientifically known as Nemipterus furcosus

Dong fish is a species of sea fish in the line of sea bass, ray finned fish, distributed in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, they are marine species of economic value and are harvested year-round.


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Features of Dong fish

Dong fish has size from 15 – 20 cm, body is long, flattened, surrounded by scales outside of pink and silvery white. There are two yellow stripes running along the body from the head to the end of the caudal fin.

Dong fish have white dorsal and dorsal fins, yellowish red rims, and pink fins.

In front of the upper jaw there are 4-5 pairs of small teeth. Dong Cong’s food is usually plankton, fish or small squid.

Dong fish has white meat, which is aromatic, sweet and delicious, often used to cook, grilled or fried. Dong fish have the shape and processing of food usually similar to snapper but more delicious.

Sand dugong usually live in areas with coral reefs at depths of 8 to 110 m, on sandy and muddy bottoms, and they also have shelter in estuaries. Their main food is crustaceans and small fish

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