• Vietnamese Name: Cá Mắt Tráo
  • Latin name: Selar Crumenophthalmus
  • Style: Frozen IQF or Block
  • Size (pcs/kg): 4/6, 6/8, 8/10, 10/12
  • Product by: Nghi Loc Seafoods


1. Fish origin

Large-eyed catfish (Scientific nomenclature: Selar crumenophthalmus) is a species of carangidae in the Bass family, belongs to genus of cobia (Selar) distributed in Hong Hai, Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Philippines, China. , Japan and the tropical Pacific west coast.

2.The morphological and biological characteristics of the fish

The body is long, flattened laterally, the back is slightly more straight than the belly. The whole body, upper part of gill cover, cheeks and upper jawbone cover small scales. Lateral line completely, anterior segment slightly curved, posterior segment straight from below 8 to 10 dorsal-fin ray, 51 to 63 scales usually over curved portion and partially straight, 30 to 38 scales covering vertical segment rest.

Anteriorly to the first back without spiny backwards. Short tailed corn. The head is relatively large, flattened. The angle of the main gill arch has a number of long, flat spines, the segment between the posterior and posterior margin of the main gillbone and the lower edge of the posterior bone, the posterior margin of the gill arch in front of the teeth is serrated.

The muzzle is relatively long and pointed. Eyes very large, diameter larger than snout length. The fat membrane is very well developed with only a small opening between the eyes. This species can be 2/3 meters long

Food is small fish. Cecum about 23-28 pieces. Distance 2 eyes wide, high round. Each side has 2 slit nostrils, located close to the back of head. The mouth is wide, sloping, lower jaw protruding longer than upper jaw. The upper lip is narrow, the lower lip is wide and thick. Upper jaw bone developed, extending to lower edge of front of pupil.

cá mắt tráo tươi sống


3. Nutrition value

White fish trout meat white and chewy, very delicious. Fish contain high protein, is a healthy food.

Meat much, sweet, fat, tough, bones are in place.
No fussy, simple processing, cook many dishes: fried, braised, baked, cooked sweet soup …

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