• Dried Baby Shrimp
  • Ruốc Khô
  • Size (cm/pc): 1-2, 2-3
  • Product by: Nghi Loc Seafoods


Flies are a type of wild seafood but they can make many delicious dishes. In addition to shrimp paste, which seems to have become a trademark of people in the sea, there are more salads, shrimp paste soup … But crowded in, the dried shrimp dish becomes attractive, strange mouth.

To make this dish delicious, during the fishing season, fishermen often choose the red shrimp paste, treat it clean, dry a few suns on a small bamboo grill and bring it carefully into a plastic bag.

Dried shrimps for cooking soup, stir-fried sauerkraut, but the most strange, is still fried fried shrimp with garlic, lemongrass, chili. Before making this dish, the shrimp must be prepared and cleaned by washing it through some clean, dirty water, stirring it to let the sand settle. After that, take the shrimp and drain it, then put it in a pan of non-garlic oil, chili, lemongrass, fried until the shrimp are dry, hunted, seasoned with spices, fish sauce suitable for taste

RuỐc KhÔ

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