• Dried Black Squid Skin On
  • Mực Xà / Sthenoteuthis Oualaniensis
  • Size (cm/pc): 8/12, 12/15, 15-20, 20up
  • Product by: Nghi Loc Seafoods


Also known as squid ghost, oceans squid. Body tubular, 25 cm long, 8 cm diameter, broad fins. The body is reddish-brown with broad purple stripes in the middle of the back, with 8 fringes of 12 cm long and 2 fringes of 32 cm.

Squid live at a depth of more than 800 meters of water, the fishing ground is often more than 150 nautical miles from the shore. The main crop is from mid December to the end of September next year. Squid fishing stick each morning is sawn and dried right on the boat. Squid fishing boats are equipped with drying rigs, usually with two floors. The ink is hung on the truss until drying takes two to three days.

Squid after exposure is black, unpleasant pungent smell and bitter taste, with white chalk. Ink is packed in PP bags. Squid is sold primarily to China through unofficial borders on the northern border. Some sold to Thailand. Customers buy the technique of bleaching ink after buying and use it mainly to cook toner in Chinese dishes. White snake ink has higher value. A more expensive form of finished product is also traded around the world, but requires higher processing and processing to get good quality. This is the direction to improve product value.


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