• Dried Shrimp
  • Tôm Khô / Parapenaeopsis spp
  • Size (pcs/kg): 2-4, 3-5
  • Product by: Nghi Loc Seafoods


Distinguishing between dried sea shrimp and rivers can be based on the “sea” smell. When touched, the product may still have a specific smell and smell. Therefore, more and more people like to buy sea shrimp. The reason many people like to eat is because the shrimp are fresh, slightly chewy, salty, preserved for a long time. Many places selling river dried shrimps are silver-gray shrimps, which are cultured in brackish water areas, although the quality of river-dried shrimps is not as good as sea shrimp but very popular.


Dried shrimp is commonly used in Vietnamese family meals. It is used as a raw material to cook broth for special sweet soup very suitable for gourds, squash, vegetables, spinach … Such that almost everyone in the family has shrimp Dry to eat gradually. Many people prefer to cook shrimp soup with meat, because the soup is usually sweet, not greasy, cool, easy to eat, suitable for hot weather or when tired after a working day. There are delicious dishes to use the right kind of dried shrimp, fresh shrimp can not be replaced. Like dried shrimp for savory sticky rice. The shrimp is soaked and soft, then stir-fry with onions, shrimps, add chopped green onions for green, red and red to make sticky rice. White sticky rice, ivory white, fragrant plastic and fried shrimp that is the connection between the sweetness of the green sticky rice seeds and the sweetness of the dried sea shrimp. Shrimp meat tough, the more you eat the more fragrant sweet.


Dried shrimp can also be made into a unique shrimp dish. Making shrimp from shrimp, when roasted, roasted meat dishes do not keep the length of the meat but crumbs. Flies made from fine dried shrimp, large ones will produce long fibers, beautiful pink color and extremely attractive taste.

Therefore, shrimp floss are the most expensive of all, because it tastes better than pork, chicken or fish. No less than fresh meats, dried shrimp also directly make the taste of stir-fries, salads, stews or fried rice dishes. You can stir-fry okra, dried shrimp fried rice, dried shrimp noodles or celery salad mixed with dried shrimp. The stocky shrimp is blanched through boiling water, mixing palanquin into a delicious and strange dish.

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