Latest import and export regulations

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Particularly for functional foods, Pursuant to Article 3 of Circular No. 43/2014 / TT-BYT dated November 24, 2014 of the Ministry of Health: “first. Functional imported and domestically manufactured functional foods with technical regulations must be announced to have technical regulations and registered for regulation conformity announcement at the Ministry of Health (Food Safety Department) before being circulated on the market. school. Functional foods imported and domestically produced without technical regulations must be declared compliant with food safety regulations and registered food safety compliance regulations at the Ministry of Health (An Administration). food safety) before being marketed ”.

The other is the food import process Businesses wishing to import any type of food into the Vietnamese market need to follow a Food Import Process consisting of 03 steps:

Step 1: Announcing food: Announcement of conformity or Announcement of compliance with food safety regulations

Step 2: Apply for food safety

Step 3: Follow the customs procedures for imported food As follows:

Step 1: The food announcement shall comply with the provisions at: Food Safety Law (ANTP) 2010 Decree No. 38/2012 / ND-CP detailing a number of articles of the Law on Food Safety Circular No. 19/2012 / TT-BYT guides the announcement of compliance with food safety regulations Circular No. 43/2014 / TT-BYT dated November 24, 2014 of the Ministry of Health

Step 2: Apply for food safety According to Circular No. 28/2013 / TT-BTC The implementation of procedures for granting a license to import food must be done in the following cases: Industrially processed food materials do not need to be re-refined to serve direct production or repack packing; Substances used in food processing Ready-made packaged food for direct use; Products are prescribed (when there is information on risks of safety, epidemics or written request of the Ministry of Health); Other products on the list of products subject to announcement of standards promulgated by the Health Ministry from time to time.

Foods that do not require an import permit – Food import process Food brought along for personal consumption must not exceed the amount subject to import tax payment; Food are humanitarian gifts, goods in diplomatic or consular bags as prescribed by law; Food temporarily imported for re-export; transit, transit; send to bonded warehouses Food is the prototype or research sample; the sample goods participate in fairs; Food exchanged by border residents; Food processed by Vietnamese enterprises for foreign goods owners for export only; Raw materials must be refined and reprocessed (vegetable oil, tobacco leaves and fibers, herbs used in food processing). Fresh and semi-processed foods on the list must go through animal or plant quarantine

Step 3: Carry out customs procedures for imported food Receiving body: The customs authority shall check the customs clearance decision as prescribed Tax: Import and export duties in accordance with the current import and export tariff VAT under the VAT Law Customs dossiers for imported goods include: Import goods declaration (form) Commercial invoice in case the buyer has to pay the seller (01 copy) Bill of lading or other transport documents of equivalent value (01 copy) Import permits for goods subject to import licenses; License for import according to tariff quotas (01 original) A notice of exemption from inspection or a notice of examination result of a specialized inspection agency (if any) (01 original) Value declaration (According to the form) Goods import consignment contract (01 copy) Documents certifying the origin of goods (01 original)


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