• Vietnamese Name: Cá Sòng
  • Latin name: Megalaspis Coldyla
  • Style: Frozen IQF or Block
  • Size (pcs/kg): 2/4, 4/6, 6/8, 8/10, 10/12, 13/15
  • Product by: Nghi Loc Seafoods


As a genus of the starfish family. In Japanese cuisine, mackerel is also known as aji. This is a genus of fish with a number of economically valuable species and is an excellent ingredient for culinary dishes as well as common dishes, typically Japanese grouper. In Vietnam, a number of species of grouper has been recorded in the waters of Quang Ngai province, [4] Phu Quoc, in Kien Giang waters. Red snapper is a specialty of Phu Quoc and Hau Giang.


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In general appearance, the grouper is like a silver fish, a silver fish, its body is slightly flat, betel leaf shaped, brownish white, the largest size is over 1 kg, the small ones are usually equal to the handle of the knife. The best food is the size of an adult’s wrist. Signs to identify fresh grouper are scaly skin with shiny skin, clear eyes, curved body with sand curved up to look very eye-catching, delicious fish from flesh to intestines, less fishy and quite rich in nutrients, fish meat Sweet, soft like sardines, fish belly, both fat and fleshy, and the best is the fish intestine and the ribs. People have the saying “It is better to leave the streamline rather than the grouper’s gut”, [5] the goblet is located in the sea so the gut is clean, both chewy, crunchy, fatty and fragrant, when cooked both chewy and crunchy, not fat greasy with characteristic aroma. The best meats are best when they are about the size of an adult’s wrist and must be alive or fresh. To know fresh mackerel, people observed transparent fish eyes, fish scales, round body.

In culinary

The mackerel is a raw material for processing into many delicious dishes such as braised horse mackerel (cooked with pineapple), [6] grilled mackerel with salt and lemon pepper, boiled mackerel. In Phu Quoc, there is a season of grouper, on good sea days, there are quite a lot of waves in the sea but there is a rare season of grouper. The more simple the grilled fish with salt and pepper and lemon pepper, the deliciousness of the fish is still intact. Freshly caught fish only need to be washed and drained then grilled over charcoal, regularly turned back to cook evenly. There is a lot of sardines in Kien Giang waters, where the people here catch fish with fin nets, for freshly cooked fish, catch the freshly caught fish, bang on the head, cut off the fins, remove the gills, wash, to dry. North pot of water on the fire.

Boiled water, drop into a pot of tomatoes cut into six or eight, chopped pieces. Boiling water, cooking fish to cook until seeing the meat of the fish has just cooked, then seasoning to taste, eat, turn off the fire before adding onions and cilantro. The secret to delicious delicious fish gourd soup is to simmer the cooked fish over, if cooked for too long, cloudy broth, trash fish, loss of appetite. For grilled mackerel dish, grilled mackerel is. The best grilled mackerel must have the required conditions: fresh green fish, really dry charcoal, a medium-sized stove. Fish do not need gill hooks, remove the intestines, put them on the grill on the charcoal stove. When you see the two sides of the arowana, your nose is aromatic. Sashimi with sauerkraut, sardines cooked in a delicious and nutritious way suitable for each family’s meal.

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