• Vietnamese Name: CÁ ĐỎ CỦ
  • Latin name: Caesio chrysozona
  • Size (pcs/kg): 4/6, 6/8, 8/10, 10/12.
  • Product by: Nghi Loc Seafoods


Red-rooted fish is a type of fish living in the far sea, lean meat and has a typical sea flavor haunted in the meat of the offshore fish. The more offshore fish, the higher the nutritional value and also the better the taste. This type of fish is often used as fish cakes because the taste of the fish will not be lost but also make the dish even better, when combined with other dishes, it immediately becomes a brand, such as bun cha. fish … Grilled red tubers are suitable for family meals when you want to change your taste. And this kind of fish cake is very popular with big restaurants and restaurants because it can be processed into premium dishes for the most fastidious customers.

Preserving fish cake by the method of chilling fish covered with the surface of fish cake

This is a traditional preservation method and is quite popular. However, if you keep the fish cake in this way, you can only keep the product for 2-3 days.
Note: The type of stone used to preserve fish ball by this method is shaved ice or crushed ice. Ice is used in factories and then finely ground to marinate fish. Do not use marble (ice to drink fresh water) or ice pipe (ice drink beer) to marinate fish, these rocks, even though pureed, the cold is still not equal to ice.
Cha Ca Do Ly Son 2 3727

Preserving fish cake by the method of freezing fish cakes

Basically, this method is quite similar to the method of preserving fish cake by freezing. This method preserves fish cakes by lowering the ambient temperature to limit the growth of microorganisms. The preservation temperature of grilled fish is just cold enough, it can not make fish frozen. Therefore, the time for preserving grilled fish by this method is quite limited, about 5 – 10 days.

This method is often applied in establishments that invest in a cold storage system and store products for a short time and then sell them.
If you want to use this method to preserve fish pies at home, you can use the refrigerator compartment. Note that the refrigerator compartment temperature must be set to maximum and the refrigerator should not be opened to keep the ambient temperature at an appropriate level.

Often due to the need to use, you often open the refrigerator, this makes the temperature of the food storage environment increased and the storage time of food will decrease.

Grilled fish, if stored in the refrigerator compartment, can only be kept for 1-3 days.

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